Ensuring optimal learning environments so every student can succeed in a global society. COLE

What We Do

Ensuring optimal learning environments so every student can succeed in a global society.

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What We Do

The Center for Optimal Learning Environments' (COLE) focus is to help you transform your learning environments so that every student can win. So, how do we help? What do we do?

Meaningful Engagement - We believe that teacher effectiveness and retention is key to student success. Through our Action for School Quality (ASQ) Initiative we hear and document the collective voice of the education community - determining structural strengths and improvement opportunities.
Data Management and Reporting - We quantify learnings from a variety of data sources and report on key strategies/practices that are deemed successful and promising.
Policy Consultation - We advise district, state, and national decision makers on successful strategies to improve teaching and learning environments. Areas of focus may include elements of school and teacher leadership; district and state policies including compliance with ESSA plans; high poverty districts and schools; and use of limited resources connected to student learning to ensure equitable distribution.

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(COLE) connects research-based strategies and best practices.

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